Aaagh, another long hiatus. When will it end? Let's get to the point. Work has been really tough. Nuni's started chambering. All this means time together is much reduced. Bummer. And for at least nine months. Even bigger bummer!

Still, we've had time to watch the Tomb Raider movie. It's not bad, but it's not that good either. Only Angelina Jolie's performance saves the day. Now she's signed up for two sequels, I hope they actually have a decent script prepared the next time. Take my advice - play the games, at least until Tomb Raider: Next Generation is out this Christmas.

And now, before it's even released, I've managed to catch a sneak of Jurassic Park III. The first ten minutes anyway. At only 90 minutes however, it may be a disappointment. US press reviews on rottentomatoes.com are mostly favourable, but not brilliant.

Read an item about someone eating a mouldy McDonalds burger, somewhere on Yahoo! UK. Nice. I bet it tasted better than when it's 'fresh'.
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