Since my last update, the bad month of August has extended into September and October, explaining my lack of anything to do with this site. I would have hoped that having this blog would keep me coming back, but life would suggest otherwise.

The world has gone completely down the toilet since September 11th. As certain journalists have noted, this date will be remembered alongside those of the Kennedy Assassination and Pearl Harbour. It's defined this generation of young adults, who previously had nothing to go on, compared to older generations. Now we too, will never forget what we were doing on that fateful day.

What was I doing then? Well, Malaysia is 12 hours ahead of US Eastern time, so there was myself and Anusha eating naan bread and chicken in a restaurant in the middle of Taiping, Subang Jaya. The telly was on, showing some other channel, and all of a sudden, another man asked the owner to switch channels over to CNN. What we saw - one of the two WTC towers smoking away was unbelievable. We thought it was a movie channel (many other people seem to have thought this, I've noticed) at first, until the awful truth of what was occurring on screen sank into us.

When we returned home, one of the Malaysian TV channels became CNN, showing live coverage of the unfolding events - the second plane striking the other tower, then the first tower collapsing in a shower of smoke and glass. We were stunned by what was happening then. And over the next few days, as CNN received various home movie footage of the disaster, it was truly shocking. Myself and my colleagues, in fact, everybody was glued to the telly, watching, wondering whether it was all really true. It was very hard to concentrate on the normal everyday things during the rest of that week.

Now, the US has taken the step of striking back. Could this be the start of the supposed World War Three? As a westerner in a Muslim country, I've been warned to be careful. There are some who believe this is an attack on the Islamic faith. Personally, I cannot support any faith that advocates terror. This attack was not in the name of Islam, it was an indiscriminate attack on humanity, which no religion supports. No man, who is true to their faith, can believe that what was done was in the name of religion. All religions want the same thing, to be able to live in peace and harmony. Is that not what we all want?
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