Into the second week of this project. All was well until Monday lunchtime, when boss unveiled the truckload of extras that had to be incorporated into what I had stitched together last week. Titling, timelapse, map graphics, flow charts, and the kitchen sink.

I ended up staying till midnight Tuesday, finishing as much as I could, and burn the result onto VideoCD, for deadline today. The CD is now on the east coast being reviewed, with more adjustments to come I'm sure.

Movie recommendation: Kung Pow! Enter the Fist. The film is a spoof of martial arts movies, skillfully meshing footage of a little known 1976 movie from Hong Kong, with new footage and digital special effects, some scenes of which are borrowed from recent fare such as The Matrix and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. At 80 minutes, its long enough to stretch the usual gags of overdone dubbing, and retain some freshness to the proceedings. I had to view this on bad quality VideoCD, as the film was not released in Malaysia. Most reviews trashed it, but I found it a great laugh.
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