Although my PC is still in hospital, I've salvaged its hard discs and put them into another machine. I thus have access to my website again. However, things are very hectic at the moment. I have three seperate projects on the go right now, two for the same client (one of which is the video, on hold, the second is their CD-ROM, which was put on hold earlier in the year), while the latter is an official site for a Malaysian Formula 3 driver, Mohammad Fairuz Faizal. Received the CD last week, full of photos and bios, now need to come up with something nice and racy. Scantily clad models draped across his car is definitely out!

Had a mad and nasty weekend in Ipoh, Anusha's interview for becoming a magistrate was yesterday, so she spent the weekend stressing out big time. The interview itself went badly. Nerves and fatigue rendered her unable to answer some of the questions thrown at her by the two interviewers. I was there to lend moral support... which didn't work. However, she had a call today, and has learned that she may well have passed. She's now in better spirits than when I left her this morning.
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