Went down with some rotten migraine on Wednesday through to Friday. Took Thursday off, and inbetween, was trying to fix my work PC, which died on boot up. Inserting a network card at the time did not help. Turns out I've fried either the motherboard or the CPU. Either way, it's pretty crap. Ripped out all my cards and hard discs, which now sit impatiently waiting for a new home. And my beta website source work is on them, so I can't update it until it's sorted. Arse!

Presently doing offline editing of new footage shot last Wednesday for the east coast project. I have until Friday to finish everything. Will I have enough time to blog again by then?

Watched Life as a House. Didn't get to the end though, but very good stuff so far. Americans can make good movies, when they are nudged gently with sharp needles.
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