Arse! The video was cancelled by the plants public affairs department. So the planned presentation to the VIP took place without my video taking pride of place. So that's why boss was annoyed. A highly wasted trip. And a lot of time spent for nothing. Still, I have been told that they will pay up for services rendered, otherwise its breach of contract I think.

Nevermind, the video that never was can still be viewed from my site. And I can confirm that all three of them work properly.

I am now working feverishly on a CD-ROM, with only a timescale of 2 days! That plus a lot of scanning, plus 2 VideoCDs to recapture into Premiere. The small problem being that the VideoCDs are in NTSC format, not PAL (Malaysia is a PAL country). Considering the CDs came from the country's state owned oil company, this is somewhat of a surprise!

Back to work...
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