Hooray! Video finished today. Put onto 3 VCDs and 3 DVDs (2 of each she keeps, the remainder are our copies), plus an interactive CD-ROM thrown in for the client, who, as I write, is being taken to KL Airport for her flight back to the east coast. I'm going to try and stick a portion of it online as part of my CV. Wonder how long that will be?

There will be more to come, slight changes here and there, but since the invoices went with the discs, it practically means the job is done. So there, my first proper stint at video editing. And I've come to acknowledge that it is an awful job. Very draining, very stressful. Right now, if I so much as come within 5 feet of an editing machine, I'll break out in a cold sweat and undergo a panic attack!

I'm off home now for some much needed rest and relaxation. Oh, and I skipped lunch. I fancy a KFC, some real poison that is. Hunger can be a dangerous thing...
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