Presently, the back of my neck, stretching up to the rear of my head, possesses a strange throbbing sensation. I can only blame it on self-imposed stress, as a result of the past few months.

Since my last entry, many more enhancements were made to the video, with which to impress our client further. However, they may still be happy with the original Friday 13th version. It remains to be seen whether they prefer the enhanced version, which contains some added effects (maps, step-by step guide to production process etc.) or stick with the original.

Despite the stress imposed on me the past week, the result is a much better video. Having spent Sunday at work putting the final touches together, the result is now on VCD, DVD, and even credit card CD. Tuesday 24th marks the visit of some VIP to the plant, I think the mayor (Mentri Besar) of Kuantan, so this enhanced version will be shown there, along with copies to distribute to senior figures also in attendance. I won't be present, I have half a weekend owing to me, so the rest of today is off!

The video will be put online sometime this week. Havent decided what format yet, MPEG probably. Stick around...
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