I'm now back in Malaysia, after a two week holiday in the UK. What?! you may cry. Why trade the sunnier climate for a wintry one? Well, for that very reason. You see, constant heat and humidity, not to mention pollution, can get to you after two years.

I had the opportunity to catch up with my old boss, and was glad to hear that they were going strong, and seeking expansion in other countries, including India at one point. It didn't work out, but it proved how things had changed since I was there. Back then, as a new company, it was difficult taking on new clients, without a track record.

We almost didn't get to leave Heathrow for our return journey, owing to the increased security surrounding perceived 'threats' about planes being shot down by extremist Muslim groups. We didn't see the army tanks that graced the roads surrounding the terminals, but saw on the telly. What a sight. Apparently, terminal 2 was evacuated just after we left terminal 3, owing to unattended baggage.

Found a potentially great site here for job seekers. Only just found it but will read more about it. Now that we are back, we are both feeling very down - the typical post holiday blues. My boss has given me enough work to be getting on with for a while, involving this software.
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