Finally got to move my new website out of beta. I've just updated the blogger template, and I've finally got ftp access. The website is just about done, all I need to do now is alter the RISC OS webring code to account for my changes, and to also find out from users whether the RISC OS pages work on their browsers. I used some code from the Wakefield Show website, as I figured being a high profile site, it should be coded accordingly. Hopefully, I'm not wrong in my assumption - I only have Monday to make whatever changes necessary before I lose my access.

My last project at work is a credit card CD-ROM for the company. It uses Shockwave 3d for its navigation, an animated set of cubes. I'll try and stick a photo from it somewhere, but I must also finish this by the end of Monday, so things are rather tight. It seems work is more busy, even when you are leaving it :-)
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