I've realised that I came across some very good articles on web design, and formatting issues across browsers. I'm gonna put them here in the next day or so. Currently the links are on my work computer, which I'm away from right now. The only one I can think of right how is Mako's guide to CSS, which covers a wide variety of issues, particular CSS support on Netscape 4 browsers. I know, NS4 is not exactly popular these days, but there are even more up-to-date browsers that don't support all of CSS2 yet, and some people will never upgrade!

Just got another one, Cross-browser.com, is a library of Javascript and DHTML routines, that have been engineered to work on all the popular browsers (MSIE, Netscape, Opera, Safari) to create special effects, utilise CSS, and perform browser-sniffing. There's a lot more. One of Malaysia's telecommunications companies, Maxis, uses code from this library to do it's moving menu (on the left-hand side, it moves as you scroll down) and dropdown menus. It merely looks nice though, as navigation, it's a bit clunky and unwieldy, and must add a bulk of code to your page.
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