I'm now confirmed in my employment, so I can tell you a little bit about what I do. I'm a webmaster for eCosway.com Sdn Bhd, which is an e-commerce company, and offshoot of Cosway (M) Sdn Bhd, a direct-sales marketing company, of 25 years standing. The company sells all manner of products through catalogues, and you get discounts as a member. eCosway is the online version, selling some of the same products via the Internet, therefore to a much wider audience.

You can't view the main eCosway site unless you are a member, but I've designed these sites already, with more to come. There isn't much to show really, most of what I'm doing is behind the scenes, and is generally aimed at upgrading the whole online presence. The whole software behind it is in-house, no third-party tools have been used for the back-end stuff, but we use Studio MX 2004.

One of the interesting aspects of the work done here is the requirement to have the site in not only English, but Bahasa Malaysia, Thai, and both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. These latter two have introduced me to aspects of browser technology that I had not experienced before. This language translation applies to not only websites, but also Flash and Powerpoint presentations.
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