I've finished performing site maintenance, and have thrown in two extra pages to the CD-ROM section, and expanded one of my articles within the Web section.

The two CD-ROM mounted Acorn User (December 97 and November 98) magazine covers have been scanned (here and here), while my published article on the production of one of the CDs has had its accompanying diagram and screenshot scanned and placed within the online version. I'd been meaning to do this for some time, so I am glad to have finally got round to it.

On another matter, I've recently purchased Derek Franklin's Macromedia Flash MX: Creative Web Animation and Interactivity, published by Macromedia Press. What I've glanced through so far is very good, and I'm really hoping to start getting into the intricacies of Flash MX design and production. Some of my forthcoming results are bound to spill over onto my website!
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