It's been a long time since I mentioned anything specific to the RISC OS platform, but today's news has a personal connection. My first full-time employment after university was at Tau Press, who were the then-new owners of Acorn User magazine. I worked there as PR manager and webmaster for a year, enjoying jolly japeries for a readership being put to severely trying times by the demise of Acorn, and the scattering of its technology in all directions.

Now, just over five years and 60 issues of publication later, Tau Press are passing the magazine to new owners Finnybank, under the stewardship of John Cartmell.

The former owner, Steve Turnbull, has been in magazine publishing for a good many years, and written countless articles on all aspects of computing, as well as role-playing games. So I can't imagine it was a quick decision to pass the reins of this mag to another party.

However, Cartmell has a proven track record in publishing, as he has been in charge of Acorn Publisher, a subscription only magazine, for the past year or so. I can't think of a better man to fill these shoes.

So, I wish John all the best in his new venture, and Steve, thanks for giving me my first job!
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