Hmm, should I close this blog?!

No time for apologies. The site is in decay, big time. Couple of things to point out:

I now have a laptop, and a phoneline back home, so theoretically, I should be able to blog more often. However, past form suggests otherwise ;-) It's not a bad machine, an Acer Aspire 2010 LCi, so I've got wireless connectivity and Bluetooth as well. I've had it a few weeks, and have tested it in various coffee shops in KL. Seems to work great!

My favorite platform, RISC OS, went through some (more) turmoil this past month. Now, in the past few days, all seems rosy again, so developments can continue forthwith. It's an intriguing scene, RISC OS. Against all the odds, the platform has survived truly wretched times.

I'm likely to crop this website down to barest essentials, leaving only this blog for company, amongst other things.

I've started playing all my old BBC Micro games. I even managed to unearth one of my own creations, which I completed in about ten minutes ;-). Current fave game - Blue Meanie, only 14 years old, which is new by retro standards (by about 10 years).

We now have a cat! Lovely thing, altough she sometimes goes mad, and starts biting and scratching. My wife found her in a plastic bag by the road back in April, she was only a month old, and we've had her ever since. Not bad going, considering that the odds were pretty stacked against her surviving. Apparently, kittens need their mother's milk for the first three months, to build up their immune system among other things. Hopefully, she'll be with us for a while yet :-)
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