Recent site changes

After what seems like an enternity, I made some additions and modifications to the site.

I've updated the documentation to the Cavern Duel page, my proof reading still left a lot to be desired. I have also tested the game using Red Squirrel on Windows 2000. It works a treat - Win2k is nothing compared to RISC OS 3.1!

I've also updated my Contact and About sections, I have some new contact emails under Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger. I also changed my email list to a bitmap to reduce spam.

The most major addition is to the Web section. I've written about two of my latest sites from work, partnermerchants.com and chargeandearn.com. Read more about them and how I put them together. partnermerchants.com is the more interesting, as it is a dynamic website, produced with Coldfusion MX. Boy, I love Coldfusion MX - it's really empowering to the humble designer!
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