UK beckons... for 2 weeks anyway

Today is my last day before I go off on a well-earned break in the UK, to catch up with friends and family, and breathe some fresh air at last. The nearest I can get to fresh air in Malaysia is Frasers Hill, which is a lovely place to hang out for a weekend. The peace and quiet there is only spoiled by the ringing in my ears, I guess the KL soundscape has done that.

So I am just spending the day tying up loose ends so that they don't come and hang me up with them when I come back on 7th February. It will be a smooth transition back to work - two days later it is Chinese New Year and Awal Muharram, which are national holidays in Malaysia. Nice!

Great news about the Huygens probe over the weekend. It managed to land on Titan's muddy surface, and take some excellent pictures. Although some data was lost via human error (Doh!) the photos that have been published so far have been as exciting, if not more so, than last years Spirit and Opportunity missions. Let's see what more is in store from one of Saturn's most mysterious moons...
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