Batman Begins - 99% lovely

Yes, we managed to get into the cinema to see Batman Begins, and I thought it was great. My wife thought the first half was boring, but got interesting once the 'Batmobile' came onto the scene. Our friend was expecting something like the previous Batman movies, and was therefore disappointed. I couldn't even watch the last two editions, they looked terrible, so I guess my taste is completely off his scale.

Why the 99%. Because the very last bit with Katie Holmes' character coming onto Bruce just looked trashy. So-called District Attorney eh? How many DAs' go around in a silk blouse and no bra on a clearly freezing day? Trashy with a capital T. Poor Holmes - she was clearly outacted by everybody on the set. Let's hope she learns from the experience arguably gained with her older peers.

In contrast, her fiance Tom Cruise displayed remarkable acting restraint after falling victim to a stupid prank at the London premiere of his latest movie War Of The Worlds.
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