Books, Resources and More...

I've decided to start adding some of the invaluable web design books I've been buying in the past two years. I consider these books excellent materials, alongside the many, many online resources which have popped up over the years.

I invite you all to try out this piece of software, called Stylemaster, it's a CSS utility, very easy to use. Makes a mockery of any of the CSS stuff in Dreamweaver.

If you are using Firefox, there's another item I recommend (myself and my staff are starting to use it). It's called the Web Developer Extension, you can install it instantly within Firefox via the developer's website. You'll need to restart Firefox after it installs. There's a ton of features in there to help you out (show image dimensions, turn off images, hide images, validate code, outline table cells or other elements, and much more)

These two bits of software are most useful. There really has never been a better time to be a web developer.
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