You may remember my earlier pledge to get my site upgraded to XHTML and CSS? Well, I'm making great progress. The site won't appear much different to how it is now, it's in the code where the changes are apparent.

What I'm going to do, is rather than polish the design and then release, I'm instead going to release it as I go along, so you (and I) can see how the site develops as I uncover more browser deficiencies. Looking at other sites, hacks are really commonplace. One piece of advice I've taken to strongly, is to do the CSS so it works in Firefox, as it has much better support of standards, followed by Internet Explorer. This saves a lot of reinventing the wheel apparently.

I can't promise when the initial fruits of my labour will be online, but I'm hoping for this July. The overall look and feel has been unchanged since mid-2002, so in web chronology, that's a lifetime!
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