It's about time I did a post, earlier today I updated the front of www.sassquad.com to mention what's been happening the past few months. I'll spare you the long story - in short, I've set up www.sscott.info, hosted on a Malaysian provider, my local salary doesnt cut the mustard for my old provider in Blighty.

However, the country's incumbent ISP has cut access to my site to anyone using their connection. Which for Malaysia, is practically everybody. Even my provider cant get into the site. I'm using my home connection to do this, which is luckily another provider. But it's real annoying, especially when they turn around and say its not their fault.

I'll plug my provider, Hive Hosting, and say that they do offer good features for their price tag, I wish to give my site a long overdue spring clean. I've purchased some good books on the subject, and my current favorite site is Hicks Design, whose owner, Jon Hicks, designed the Firefox logo. I've yet to delve into his site properly, but there's some good stuff in there. I hope to list some more sites soon, along with some other stuff as well.

I'm in a fairly quiet period now, but my boss will be coming in with some video work for me to do. So much stuff I've done the past year, which I havent added to my portfolio yet!
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