Half-Life 2

No, this is not why my site has languished for so long!

Okay, maybe just a little!

My brother got this for me back in late January, when I went back for the family holiday. Until that point, I had been replaying the demo of Valve's 6 years in the making sequel. The demo was a masterstroke, it really convinced me that I should have my own pristine copy of the game. However, it was that old chestnut of US dollar to Malaysian Ringgit that got me stumped - RM180 for a PC game is way high for local salaries, especially when in the UK it was already tumbling in price (something called retail competition - doesnt exist here in KL, everyone seems to make secret pacts to not undercut anybody, for fear of 'dismemberment'). So my bro stepped in unexpectedly.

And my, what a fantastic game, I've already posted twice to Valve's specially prepared forum thread and I'm presently replaying it on the Hard setting, having completed it about 2 months ago. It's not all that different from the Medium setting... at least up until the later levels when you return to City 17. The Combine start to get pretty fiendish.

I'm putting a few snaps here and there from the game, which I consider to be the most striking. I'm uploading it now, will let u know if's location in my next post...
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