More movies...

Sunday night, we got to see Mr and Mrs Smith, which we found a whole lot more enjoyable than Batman Begins. Two very different movies however, this one was very light and silly. Pitt and Jolie really do work well onscreen.

Yesterday evening, we tried to see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [UK site], which has finally arrived in Malaysia (US and UK release date was late April). We saw the first 30 minutes, then left...

... not because the movie was bad. It wasn't, it was great. But the cinema fire alarm went off, so we left, along with half the audience. The alarm turned out to be false, which was a pain, but it was the best thing to do, as there have been a lot of fires in KL recently (including a shanty town - Pasir Village, which got razed to the ground not far from where we live). We did get refunded though, so we're gonna see it again tonight... at a different cinema. We dare not risk fate again.

I hadn't told my wife what the movie was about, but if she didnt like the first 10 minutes, she could leave. She actually enjoyed it, which is a fitting testament to the amount of work which went into making this movie accessible to outsiders of Adams' strange world. Well done to the cast and crew.
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