CSS Alpha #1

I'm presently uploading an early alpha of the website. The most immediate difference is that I've got rid of the Javascript rollovers, and replaced it with CSS text rollovers. Much more low-maintenance. Now the sidebar consists of only two graphics, the background and the logo.

This has the bonus of making pages much neater in HTML, about 3-5k is lost in the process on each page, which is a big difference. In Firefox, try switching off the styling to see the actual HTML. Much neater and cleaner isn't it?

Now, being an alpha, certain items aren't corrected yet, namely: the error pages, some of the breadcrumbs, the Oblogatory (still uses the old design), the CSS for the UL tag doesnt work properly in Internet Explorer (among other items) and some page layouts (in particular the Malaysia 2003 album) are wonky.

No doubt, all of these will get addressed in the coming days...
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