sscott.info downtime

It's been a miserable couple of weeks; my hosting provider's hard disc decided to fail, and it's basically stayed that way for weeks now. So, I've migrated my blog to blogspot.com now. I reckon it's going to stay that way forever, unless all the servers of the world decide to conspire in unison against my mortal self!

Things are still a mess at the moment, I'm halfway through updating sassquad.com to take into account my new CSS design, and my work connection keeps timing out. Malaysia is indeed at the pinnacle of technology, I think bloody well not. Mind you, some lucky few can make a mint in this part of the world - a Malaysian web portal with a RM16 million (USD4 million) budget!

On top of this, the Malaysia haze problem is getting worse. The country is now one giant cigarette. Everyone here, including myself, now have a unique smell about ourselves. The new Malaysian perfume - eau de palm oil. Fantastic, when it gets real hot here, we'll cook more evenly at least.

As you can tell, I'm not in fantastic shape, mood-wise. I'll see what pieces I can pick up in the smog, and hopefully get things in shape real soon...

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