I've gone purple

After a good 8 years or so, I finally gave my site a reasonably good going over, and given it a distinctive purple appearance. I'm now wondering whether I've unwittingly given it the UKIP purple. I hope I haven't.

I've not had to change too much of the underlying HTML, but have given the CSS some extra love, including provision for a mobile and tablet version. It's by no means perfect, but it's certainly more pleasing on the eye than the old site. It wasn't great on mobiles at all. It was also, unwittingly painting a picture of someone who wasn't up to date with his front end skills. 

I've also had the chance to revisit some sections, and revise the text. You now know where I work, for instance. But you can also visit the profile page on my employers website, where you can see some of the d3.js work I've been specialising in this year.

Even the Games section has had content given greater prominence. Now that BBC Micro games can be played in the browser (thanks to Matt Godbolt's jsBeeb emulator), I've given the two games I wrote for it greater exposure. There's no excuse now to not cringe at my attempts at game programming on an 8-bit computer!

One thing I will look at is splitting the content on the RISC OS page into separate pages. It's rather long, and unfair on mobile devices (YouTube videos and images add to the pain when viewing the site on an intermittent connection, like on a train, for example). I'm sure there are other parts of the site that require some TLC, which I'll make a point of fixing in the near future.

Hope you enjoyed reading that - needed an excuse to update my blog after a year!

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