Sorry guys and gals, my cgi bin has now expired. I was hardly making use of it anyway, and I downgraded my hosting to not include cgi, so the contact form is not going to work. I'll try and fix up an alternative!

I've now migrated to my second job here in Malaysia, that of a webmaster. I can't go into details about the role itself, but I can say that I'm using the latest Macromedia Studio MX to put work together. Since my start here a few weeks back, I've already launched a few preliminary websites, the first of which was knocked together in just a day, thanks to Fireworks MX and Dreamweaver MX working together so beautifully. It almost made me cry with joy. Such a far, erm, cry from the horrors of hard-coded HTML.

I must give special credit to Lego. They do have a fantastic site. The games are something else altogether. Must be as close as you can get to playing with the real Lego pieces, this website.

According to a report in Macromedia's John Dowdell blog, Microsoft will not be releasing further standalone editions of Internet Explorer. Future versions will be tied in to their future releases of Windows. I thought that after the browser wars, and ensuing litigation, MS would have steered away from all this. Then I read a comment somewhere about the fact that the US Government really don't want to penalise such an economically important US-based business. Who knows where this will end?
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