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Into the second week of this project. All was well until Monday lunchtime, when boss unveiled the truckload of extras that had to be incorporated into what I had stitched together last week. Titling, timelapse, map graphics, flow charts, and the kitchen sink. I ended up staying till midnight Tuesday, finishing as much as I could, and burn the result onto VideoCD, for deadline today. The CD is now on the east coast being reviewed, with more adjustments to come I'm sure. Movie recommendation: Kung Pow! Enter the Fist . The film is a spoof of martial arts movies, skillfully meshing footage of a little known 1976 movie from Hong Kong, with new footage and digital special effects, some scenes of which are borrowed from recent fare such as The Matrix and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. At 80 minutes, its long enough to stretch the usual gags of overdone dubbing, and retain some freshness to the proceedings. I had to view this on bad quality VideoCD, as the film was not released in M
I've now started my first video project in six years. If I can get round to putting it online, my Lust movie was the first time I had ever used a video editing package. In 1996, Adobe Premier had just squeezed beyond version two or three, and technology like that used today was far too expensive. Now, in 2002, the software and hardware have changed immensely. Using Premier 6, I've been asked to re-build a project which was wiped out by a hard disc crash earlier in the year. All that remains is one MPEG file of the film's first cut. The film, incidentally is a corporate video of a petrochemical company on the east coast of Malaysia. I must now sift through twenty or so DV tapes (at 65 minutes each) and capture each one to AVI format. Then I go through them all, find the missing pieces, and stitch the movie back together. I do have some artistic freedom - I don't need to follow the first cut frame for frame. Besides, 20 hours of footage to convert, edit and finalise
On 1st July, I arrived at work to find that our office is now installed with a broadband connection. This, plus the fact that I feel the site needs revamping, means that changes will be afoot in the coming weeks (work permitting). I must say broadband is very, very fast. Using dial-up in Malaysia has been a painful experience to say the least. It will be so nice to not worry about losing connections or counting pennies. And the access to copious downloads of music, videos and so forth, is an added bonus!