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Showing posts from January, 2002
Hurrah! Tron is released on DVD for its 20th anniversary. The special edition includes a better quality movie and soundtrack, plus a behind the scenes documentary, as well as much more. I'm not sure about its release in other parts of the world, as the DVD was featured on Amazon's US site. But with the release of Tron 2.0 in theatres this summer, it won't be long before the special edition pack reaches your local store. I was rather worried to read about a Flash virus this week. However, a quick visit to Macromedia describes the threat as rather benign, but will release an updated Flash Player, to prevent more serious viruses being unleashed. Although this virus only affects movies being run in the Flash Player, not the Flash browser plugin, it did get me initially worried that a great format for multimedia was about to find a more malicious niche market.
Ewww. My first working week of three days became a nightmare by the end. For the past 2 months, we've been travelling to Ipoh every weekend. It wasn't so bad, as Ramadam ensured that people around us were not working, due to their fasting. Now it's January, and everyone is making up for lost time. As a result, we both worked late on Friday. No sooner could we finish, we then had to rush home and get ready for the 200km journey to the in-laws. I'm still exhausted, but have yet to face the return journey tomorrow. Found the somewhat cliched 'life-changing' website, Friends Reunited , via a local newspaper article. A UK site, it allows you to find your school pals, and make contact with them. I've just received an email from a former college mate, after a six year timespan. There are more lost friends on the site, so will wait and see what happens. Wish me luck!
Happy New Year to you all. For me, my holiday turned out okay. Vegging out, watching movies, while the wife was still working! Bit of a bummer that. I saw some young Chinese men have metal rods pierced through both their facial cheeks last Sunday. I visited a Hindu temple, where some kind of ceremony was being performed. As luck would have it, this facial torture was an added bonus, as it is usually reserved for the Thaipusam festival held at Batu Caves, near Kuala Lumpur, that is frequented by thousands of people. This one had a mere handful of spectators, so I got rather close to the action. It was painful to watch, but for these chaps, they were in a state of mental bliss. The idea of the ceremony was to purge them of sins, and receive blessings from the Hindu deities. Two of them began to resemble the deities Hanuman (the monkey god) and Shiva (the 'dancing' god). That was some surprise. Their faces completely changed. For the man possessed by Hanuman, his face pu