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Sumata Earthquake and Tsunami

I received phone calls last night from friends and family concerned about our proximity to the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunamis which struck South and South East Asia yesterday. We let them know that we were fine, and a bit surprised at the eventual extent of this event. The main tremor was felt in Kuala Lumpur about 9am local time, and some residents in adjacent condominiums were evacuated, more as a precautionary measure. But the tremor was strong enough to shake buildings and furniture. It's amazing then to report that we actually slept through it! In fact, it was not until late afternoon that the full extent of the disaster was being realised. BBC World was providing extensive coverage from then until after midnight, when we retired for the night. At that point, the death tool was more than 7000 . We now know that is is at least 11000 - this will inevitably climb higher. Malaysia, usually spared from such disasters, was hit by large waves in the island

Darn, possible White Christmas in UK!

Well that's crap isn't it? So many years we've not had a white Christmas, then, just a few weeks before we head off there, UK ends up having one. Now I'll have to hope it will still be around come late January. I've been sooooo busy, its unbelievable. I have so many things in my head, but no time to let them out. I would have thought having a laptop, it would be easier to do it, but no. In the months since my last post, I've become a web and print master, now responsible for website production and bimonthly newsletters. The latter is a killer for me and the team! I insisted on getting hold of Adobe Creative Suite , and boy, was it worth it! The VersionCue system is just excellent for print production like ours ( many many many revisions, some newsletter pages had over 50 versions, all backed up nicely thanks to VC). More recently, I have been getting to grips with Flash Video. One of the best things of 2004, was the widening acceptance of Fla