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Showing posts from August, 2001
Oh dear, another hiatus. Guess I can't keep making false promises. August is a bad month for deadlines, so as such, things are rather tough right now. I can really appreciate a long holiday. The three months spent here looking for work don't count. It's hard to enjoy life, when your money is gradually running dry. But that's in the past now.
4.12: Mother Earth Mother Board I stumbled across this nicely written December 1996 article about Earth's longest fibre optic cable project, known as FLAG. It's a long read, but worth it for its dry humour.
I finally submitted my work permit application today. It marks the end of a turbulent few months getting the necessary paperwork together, but it's finally over. In two weeks, I will be receiving my right to work in this country. Such a debacle then, that I must pay a fee of $250 in the process (that does not include the $100 necessary to extend my passport by a month, to cover the processing time). Still, much cheaper than travelling to the ends of the earth. And happy 20th birthday, MTV!