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Showing posts from November, 2001
Hey, whassup? For the first time in ages, I managed to get a project complete by its deadline. Of course, the deadline itself has moved forward for a number of months, so it is a somewhat muted cause for celebration. Since my last update, my monthly salary has been cut, due to the fact that no money has come in, through our recent inability to complete work on time. However, the boss decided to make 'a new start' and ask us to turn the office upside down, and chuck out rubbish and old kit. Certain items were cast aside for a staff raffle, with prizes ranging from gargantuan scanners and printers, to a 'fully working PC.' Guess who got the latter? I tried using it yesterday, only to find that you cannot seemingly use a mouse on it. This means being forced to use Windows via a keyboard, which is anything but easy. Ramadan is upon us here, so my Malay Muslim colleagues are sleeping a lot, and generally trying to conserve energy. I would have fasted except that you