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Showing posts from January, 2004
One of my resolutions for 2004 is to get into Flash MX. I can't put it off forever. There are some serious projects on the horizon that demand proficiency in this software. Director seems to be heading into more of a niche market than before, as it's younger sibling gets more and more ubiquitous. I've purchased various books, one I'm going through right now is Derek Franklin's Flash MX book (I mentioned this in my 8 September blog) - I don't know why, but my eyes seem to glaze over with all things Flash. I guess this is a measure of its success now, it's part of the World Wide Web canvas (btw, congrats on the knighthood, Tim Berners-Lee!) so for me, I don't get so hyped up by it, like before. Jaw Wars would be my pet project for my first personal venture into Flash. Flash is certainly advanced enough to cater for most genres of games, so Jaw Wars should be child's play. There is another publication I'd like to get about Flash MX and games.
My first post of the New Year, so I decided to do something not done before. Just got my mum's digital camera working, and took a piccy of the view out of my office: Wow, exciting isn't it? Amazingly, there are people in KL that would kill for a window view of the Petronas Twin Towers. These are also the same people that speak with a dialect lifted from repeated episodes of 'Any old American sitcom' . So consider this a gift to you all. :-)