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Showing posts from July, 2006

Flash video ... almost there

I've converted some video footage to FLV, and have spent a while trying to get it working on all browsers. I may just use Dreamweaver's standard Flash player instead, it appears to sort out all the ActiveX troubles on Internet Explorer on the PC. I've also discovered the Mac version of Internet Explorer. That will be an interesting problem. I've still got handheld and printer friendly CSS to deal with yet!

Minor amendments to

I finally took the plunge and upgraded my webspace account . I'll be able to add more bells and whistles to it now, as well as get rid of the annoying banners which had been lingering around the past few years. I've become a big fan of the Georgia font, due to recent work I've been up to, so it's now used throughout the site. It looks jolly nice. Arial is kind of plain now, I doubt I'll be using it again, although it persists on the RISC OS section, which is itself getting out of date. Not quite sure how their browsers fare these days, so it's been kind of left in a time warp, using my old site design from 2002. I'll get round to it eventually, I promise :-)