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Showing posts from July, 2001
Only got 2 weeks left here till my stay expires on my passport. One suggestion that has been made is to venture into Singapore or Thailand, and get my stay reset. Does that work? I do wonder. It's doing my head in.
Aaagh, another long hiatus. When will it end? Let's get to the point. Work has been really tough. Nuni's started chambering. All this means time together is much reduced. Bummer. And for at least nine months. Even bigger bummer! Still, we've had time to watch the Tomb Raider movie. It's not bad, but it's not that good either. Only Angelina Jolie's performance saves the day. Now she's signed up for two sequels, I hope they actually have a decent script prepared the next time. Take my advice - play the games, at least until Tomb Raider: Next Generation is out this Christmas. And now, before it's even released, I've managed to catch a sneak of Jurassic Park III . The first ten minutes anyway. At only 90 minutes however, it may be a disappointment. US press reviews on are mostly favourable, but not brilliant. Read an item about someone eating a mouldy McDonalds burger, somewhere on Yahoo! UK. Nice. I bet it tasted better tha
A long time away from the diary. Only because I've been terribly busy. Perhaps it's time I let in on what it is I do here in Malaysia. Well, most of what I do is CD-ROM based digital media. My employer's main client is the state owned petroleum company, Petronas. This behemoth of a corporation in fact, consists of 120 subsidiary companies. A small handful of those are in our clientele. The companies themselves are quite varied, ranging from marketing divisions, through to fertilizer producers, even Malaysia's Philarmonic Orchestra (I didn't even know this country had an orchestra). Most of what I do is promotional CDs, which are handed out to their clients at presentations. It's nothing special really, but at least it has proved to be a pleasant diversion from previous jobs, where I only had one site or project to be responsible for. However, the work is hard. My spirits were raised considerably by my first foreign paypacket. Me and Nuni were scraping our