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Ruby on Rails

I've often considered whether to get into Ruby On Rails. Back in December, it reached version 2. I had a dabble with it over a year ago, and found it to be quite amazing. However, I lost enthusiasm for it, when I learned that my employer's hosting provider had no plans to support it. Are there any good hosting providers out there for RoR?

Ah wow - Blogger is great now

Wow, I haven't touched my blog in centuries. But what changes Blogger has done in my absence. A lot of the niggles I had concerns about have been addressed, especially how the archive is displayed down the right hand side. So much has happened since last year. I am now a proud father - my son was born in May 2007, he's a little smiler! I'll put some pictures up at some point. You'll get to see them in that handy little photo panel on the right. During November 2007 I spent some time getting Cavern Duel to work on 32-bit RISC OS platforms. I haven't been entirely successful as yet, should have something ready during the summer of 2008, time as always, is permitting, between fatherhood and project management. As for work matters, my skills in PHP and Flash have been subjected to a very steep learning curve. As a result, I've been working with clients such as HMV, Communities and Local Government, Liquid Nightclubs and more, devising kiosks and intranets. Some very