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Hi all. This blogger thing is great. The only problem with it is that you end up writing too much. For anyone reading this, I really urge you to take a look at Blogger , as the uses it can be put to are mind boggling. Nominate them for a Webby Award, why don't you? I just had my first Malaysian inhouse client meeting here at work. It was very nerve wracking. It's very easy to become self-absorbed with your project work, you forget that it's being done for somebody else, and they may or may not like it! In this case though, I'm glad to say it was the former. It's weird. I've been working practically non-stop in this field, and it still feels the same. It's given me a killer mouth ulcer as well, my first in months. Just 30 minutes to go before the end of the day. And then it's a trip to Ipoh, where the wife is right now. I could do with a rest, it's been a nasty week. For RISC OS viewers, I've been following events from afar, and notic
I've spent the past few days trying to tackle what turned out to be a really nasty CD-ROM/Intranet based project, involving Shockwave and Quicktime movies. The brief was simple - take this Director movie, and reduce it to a slightly smaller screen size, and also incorporate these MPEG movies. I finally got it to work properly today, and it marks my first working Director based project since 1998's Jaw Wars. It wasn't all my project though, it was passed down to me by the boss from a former employee. The work was a mess, but that was just the beginning. You see, along the way, I made various discoveries about Shockwave and the MPEG format. In short, the two do not mix. Usually, Director movies and MPEG files are incorporated using an Xtra (add-on software for Director to perform extra tasks, MPEG format is unsupported natively in the Director environment). The Xtra I used was called DirectMedia. I soon discovered that there is no Shockwave equivalent of DirectMedia
The expedition diary opens. As mentioned on the front page, this diary is a collection of discoveries, thoughts and encounters made both in the real and online world. This is made possible, thanks to, a service that allows you to access your website from anywhere in the world, without having to take your website with you. Just set up any one or more pages for updating, and sign up at the blogger site, and away you go, web-based FTP access to put up anything urgent - such as the above. Great!