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Showing posts from December, 2001
Today I read of the news that Artex will imminently release their 4 year behemoth of a game for the RISC OS platform, TEK 1608 . The release comes with the news that this will be Artex's last release for the platform. To be honest, this does not surprise me. 4 years is a long time to spend developing a game these days. To develop it for a platform that is not exactly high on everyone's Christmas shopping list, makes the job a lot tougher. The past four years have seen this game being developed through a rollercoaster world of shutdowns, takeovers, stalls and stumbling blocks. I now feel that the RISC OS market is not going in a confident direction, but rather turning in on itself. I do hope that I am wrong on this point, as I have personally benefitted a great deal from using RISC OS, and before that, Acorn computers during my school years, through to university. Perhaps if enough copies of TEK are sold, then Artex may reconsider their decision. We will just have to wait
Today was my last day at work before Christmas. I have 2 and a half weeks ahead of me, and I don't know what to do with them. To make matters worse, Anusha will be working for much of that time. What can I do? Watching movies and visiting the cybercafe is fine every once in a while, but for this long? I'll go mad for sure. For my work colleagues, they can finally have their Hari Raya food fest this weekend. Must have been the longest month of the entire year! This year is quite special, because Hari Raya, Christmas and Chinese New Year fall extremely close. This has made booking a holiday of any kind impossible. Annoying, considering this is a tropical country, and the thought of Christmas Day on a nice beach with palm trees was rather enticing. Well, I can always live in hope...