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Recent site changes

After what seems like an enternity, I made some additions and modifications to the site. I've updated the documentation to the Cavern Duel page, my proof reading still left a lot to be desired. I have also tested the game using Red Squirrel on Windows 2000. It works a treat - Win2k is nothing compared to RISC OS 3.1! I've also updated my Contact and About sections, I have some new contact emails under Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger. I also changed my email list to a bitmap to reduce spam. The most major addition is to the Web section. I've written about two of my latest sites from work, and Read more about them and how I put them together. is the more interesting, as it is a dynamic website, produced with Coldfusion MX. Boy, I love Coldfusion MX - it's really empowering to the humble designer!