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Showing posts from October, 2002
Wooh, been a while since my last post. As usual, hectic stuff. Plus my wedding anniversary, and today, her birthday. Must rush off soon. So, just a quick post. The recent Bali bombing has put this part of the world in a little bit of a panic for foreigners. I'm supposed to be careful where I go, and if possible avoid areas that are popular with tourists. That's no real problem in KL, because the place is too much of a boghole to have anything desirable to tourists. Most likely to be for KL-ites only. Only today, I received a letter via email from the British Embassy to inform me and other British nationals to be careful. Oooh, I will, I will... Some good news on the horizon. Should all our work be finished by the end of next month, we may get a lot of December off as a holiday. We'll wait and see, but I'm already looking at flight tickets to the UK. Prices, as expected, are very high. You need to dig around for the cheap ones! No progress on the beta site yet.
Having been to Ipoh on Sunday, things seem to be a little better than they were last week, as my last entry proved. However, Thursday and Friday were rather stressful (again, seems to be a running theme). Had to zip between 3 different projects over two days, finishing two of them, the last is for next week. Had a massive migraine Friday afternoon, when the laser printer decided to break down. Luckily, a colleague got it fixed, but it was hell, as the printouts had to be with a client that evening! Bad, bad, bad... Once my new beta site is up and running, I may toy with the idea of producing seperate blogs, according to subject. Recently, I've been registering my interests in a variety of sites connected with multimedia, and various minority platforms, with a view to writing articles for them. Blogs are a great way of allowing content to never stand still - I could toy with new media ideas online, and alter them according to feedback. For you, the browser, you'd only have to