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Using ADFFS on emulated RISC OS, within Parallels Windows 10 Desktop

Earlier this year, I posted the following tweet: Wanted to play one RISC OS game. An old one. Too much hassle faffing with emulators and tooling. This stuff should be easy. But it isn't. Gimme Chocks Away with 5 minutes set up time. Not hours of breakage and tears! — Stephen Scott 💙💚 (@sassquad) August 11, 2021 I was somewhat frustrated - and have been for some time before then - about being able to play older RISC OS games on my iMac. For some reason or other, I found current solutions somewhat wanting. Certain ones, such as the RISC OS Direct Pi distribution, are fantastic, if  you are using a Raspberry Pi.  However, if I wanted to use Mac OS, the consensus seemed to be; 'You can do it, but you'll need the equivalent of a degree in Computer Science to achieve it' I did have an escape clause - I can  use Windows 10, thanks to a purchase of Parallels Desktop . This makes the running of Windows within Mac OS, much easier. This meant I could install ready made buil