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Fresh New Look... Fresh New Job

I've given my blog a fresh new coat of paint... well, one of Blogger's own supplied templates. This helps to keep my personal comments seperate from the rest of my site. I've finally secured work, for a firm based in Godalming, Surrey. This involves a bit of a commute from home, but it will do for now. I'm authoring CD-ROMs and websites, and so far, is a far cry from my former work. I have to say that Godalming is a charming place, it's hard to think that London is only 40 miles away. The people are very different to around my hometown, my guess is that the closer to the capital you get, the more stressed out the locals become. Our cat only has a few weeks left of quarantine left before she is free. We're both looking forward to that day, but it's taking so long - the first five months were much better in comparison. We know that she's getting more fed up with being in there, if only she knew how long she had left.