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BBC stuff (sold)

BBC Micro, TV and Cumana Floppy Disc Drive Combo - sold! BBC Micro Model B (32K, with Watford Electronics Sideways RAM, power supply replaced early 2011) Ferguson TX 14" colour TV (aerial broken, front door broken, but otherwise great for the Beeb) Cumana 5 1/4" floppy disc drive Various BBC games tapes and educational software (listed below). 36 Challenging Games for the BBC Micro Building Blocks for BBC Games a handful of other books for the Beeb, of games listings. Let's Compute! (all 12 issues, 1990-1991) As the power supply cost about £25 to replace, I would expect offers for this to be at least above this amount. This whole set has now been sold on eBay ( ). Thanks for all your interest; I'm sure it will now go to a good home!