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Showing posts from December, 2003
I hope you all had a nice Christmas. Malaysia is doing a very good job with Christmas celebrations. I was most impressed to find proper Christmas trees in Ikea here. And at RM80 (about 12-15 squid) each, an absolute bargain too. We got hold of some tasteful but eloquent looking decorations, plus lights, and the result was a lovely tree. Our place is full of the smell of pine, which beats the smell of sewage I can tell you! Happy New Year!
It's been a long time since I mentioned anything specific to the RISC OS platform, but today's news has a personal connection. My first full-time employment after university was at Tau Press , who were the then-new owners of Acorn User magazine. I worked there as PR manager and webmaster for a year, enjoying jolly japeries for a readership being put to severely trying times by the demise of Acorn, and the scattering of its technology in all directions. Now, just over five years and 60 issues of publication later, Tau Press are passing the magazine to new owners Finnybank , under the stewardship of John Cartmell. The former owner, Steve Turnbull, has been in magazine publishing for a good many years, and written countless articles on all aspects of computing, as well as role-playing games . So I can't imagine it was a quick decision to pass the reins of this mag to another party. However, Cartmell has a proven track record in publishing, as he has been in charge o
I've added a new CD-ROM project from my archives - the Petronas Performing Arts Group was a quick little ditty done at my last employment, I think I spent 2 days putting it together, and that included grabbing video footage from tape, and converting to MPEG format, for use within the CD-ROM. The project was produced using Director 8.5, using the DirectMedia MPEG Xtra to handle the MPEG footage within. My three screenshots unfortunately don't grab the video playing, so there's a black screen in the middle of one of the shots - I'll try and fix it when I can.
I've made an adjustment to my Jaw Wars game page, due to the impending changes being developed by Microsoft for their Internet Explorer browser. The changes were suggested from various websites, so it should work properly on all Javascript enabled browsers with Shockwave installed. The Jaw Wars page itself has links to articles from MS and Macromedia about these changes. I am aware it's to do with a patent infringement case that MS lost. The outcome of the case has turned the web community upside down, as it means huge numbers of webpages being altered to workaround this infringement. At whose expense I wonder? Probably not the clients of the pages in question.