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Blowing off the dust

It's been a while since I last posted. The problem with blogs is that I always feel you have to write something worthwhile before posting. And the truth is, nothing much happens that can't be put into a tweet or a Facebook posting. Today, I'm trying something different. I've had my brothers iPad for some months now, usually the kids are playing on it. Today I decided to take it with me to work. I then found out how to connect it to my Blackberrys 3G connection, giving me internet access, and therefore some time on the train, not distracted by homelike and the chaos which can and does ensue with young children. After some months I am beginning to enjoy using the iPad. I viewed it with trepidation, wondering if the kids were going to be zombified with it. On some days, that fear has been realised! With great toys comes great parental responsibility. But for doing quick things like eBay, Skype, or even submitting meter readings, it's great. Now I've got Twitter and