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Showing posts from June, 2002
In the six months since my last blog, too much has happened to go into details here. But I'm still here, and not marooned in the jungle, or anything so bad. My workplace has had no internet connection since August 2001, so access to cybercafes has become even worse, well, non-existent, until today. And even then for only a short while. Quick rundown - during February, my boss sent me on a day-trip to East Malaysia, on my own to deliver a touchscreen kiosk to a client. The trip involved the use of four planes, KL to Kuching, Kuching to Bintulu (the only airport in the world whose runway is literally in the town - walk off the plane and you are practically in the town centre) then the same thing for the return leg. Very exhausting. During February and March Graeme came down for a long holiday. I think he enjoyed himself, but spent a lot of time getting ill with what appeared to be food poisoning. I think the food was too good for him, as his diet is normally junk food. Fresh