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Having hosted with UK service provider Easyspace since 1999, I've taken steps to move my webspace over to a Malaysian hosting provider, Hive Hosting . Despite a minor teething problem with the account setup, which was resolved relatively quickly, the service has been excellent. Since the value of sterling has gone up, it's become more and more difficult (and stupid) to pay such fees from this part of the world, in comparison, local hosting options are cheaper, yet offer much more value for money. I get a free domain thrown in as well, so I've opted for, a more descriptive name for the site, than sassquad. People dont realise that it's pronounced as SAS Squad, they pronounce it instead like the scientific name for Bigfoot ("sassquatch"). As for that domain name, efforts to move it over to Malaysia have been stumped by Easyspace's policy of charging 45 pounds to allow domain transfers. This is otherwise known as taking the p*ss. Guess that's