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Showing posts from October, 2001
Since my last update, the bad month of August has extended into September and October, explaining my lack of anything to do with this site. I would have hoped that having this blog would keep me coming back, but life would suggest otherwise. The world has gone completely down the toilet since September 11th. As certain journalists have noted, this date will be remembered alongside those of the Kennedy Assassination and Pearl Harbour. It's defined this generation of young adults, who previously had nothing to go on, compared to older generations. Now we too, will never forget what we were doing on that fateful day. What was I doing then? Well, Malaysia is 12 hours ahead of US Eastern time, so there was myself and Anusha eating naan bread and chicken in a restaurant in the middle of Taiping, Subang Jaya. The telly was on, showing some other channel, and all of a sudden, another man asked the owner to switch channels over to CNN. What we saw - one of the two WTC towers smoking a