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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all. I'm now back in the UK, and have been for over a month now. Had a great Christmas, catching up with relatives, getting in touch with friends, and jobhunting. Nothing sorted as yet, probably because my website is a bit... well... lacking. In everything. A lot of vacancies ask for a list of URLs, and samples of previous work. This is something a little difficult to do when sites change constantly, as well as get taken over by new teams, eager to throw out the old and bring in the new. I've had a chance to see how things have changed in my home country. Some stuff hasn't changed, except the web design jobs market, which has matured markedly since 2001. A real contrast to Malaysia, whose market has shrunk to graduate level vacancies, offering appalling starting salaries (I guess they all live with parents until the age of 30?). Middle-level vacancies don't appear to exist, unless you want to run a call centre. No thanks. Beggars can't be choos