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Waste vital minutes with the PERPETUAL BUBBLEWRAP . This is a neat little Flash thing, to give you everlasting bubble-wrap, and many hours of 'pleasure'
Oh dear, another big space of time has passed since the last one. Since my last post, I have more or less settled into my job, my team and I have now moved into our final offices, whereas before I was on one floor, they were on another. This will make it easier to check on their progress with projects. I've also been making software and hardware purchases to make their lives, my life, and my immediate boss' life, easier. I'm very pleased to hear that Half-Life 2 is being released later this year. I loved the original game, and the subsequent multi-player packs, but have not played it for over a year now. Speculation about a sequel had been rife for years, but it's only recently that Valve Software, the creators, have broken their silence. Sites such as have in-depth features on the story so far, and the planned release date is September 30th. I wouldn't be surprised if they delay it through to November, which would make it five years exactly since the